Peter Pichler Architecture


STATUS: International Competition / 1st prize   YEAR: 2017 competition / 2020 finish construction   TYPE: residential towers   SIZE: 40.000m²   DEVELOPER/CLIENT: Wintertrust BV    ENGINEER CONSULTING COMPETITION PHASE: Arup   CREDITS PPA: Peter Pichler, Gianluigi D´Aloisio, Daniele Colombati, Simona Alu’ , Giovanni Paterlini, Ugo Licciardi, Silvana Ordinas

Peter Pichler Architecture won an international invited competition for the design of a new residential tower complex of 40.000m² in Maarssen, Netherlands.

The new complex consists of approx. 260 apartments, parking garages, public facilities, gym and a running track on the roof. It is located on a main axis between Amsterdam and Utrecht and should act as a social “engine” in the area, which will undergo some major developments within the next years.


PPA´s proposal for two looping towers are the result of an optimized geometry based on views and sunlight. Starting point were massing studies of straight extrusions that are moved towards the end of the plot to guarantee the view from the offices behind towards the river and the old city center of Maarssen. The special situation of the site (north side with view, south side sunlight) and the unsophisticated orientation of the apartments within a straight extruded tower with central core led to a slim L shaped geometry that guarantees multiple views and sunlight. While sloping back the L shaped towers with the lower tower on the west side, better views are generated for adjacent buildings with a minimum shadow impact. The  naturally formed terraces generate multiple views towards the old city and achieve a maximum sunlight during the day.

At the podium level the two towers connect in a loop that steps back to create green parks. The interweaving podium strings contain care housing as well as public facilities such as the gym with a running track on the roof.

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